Provide the Maximum contribution to the economic development of the Sabaragamuwa Province by repairing of vehicles and machineries, servicing, renting, infrastructure development, quality of civil construction, all printing works, training and consultancy services and actively and qualitatively contributing to the other specialized services.


To become the Best Public Entrepreneur in Sabaragamuwa. 



 The main objective of the Development Design and Machinery Authority is, to assist and fulfill the operational development activities doing by the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council using the resources of the Authority and repair all vehicles and machinery belonging to the Provincial Council, supply services, supply of tires and batteries and rental vehicles and machinery supply can be expressed.

Who We Are?

The District Mechanical Factory was established in 1973 under the Department of Machinery. The Development Design and Machinery Authority was established by the Gazette Notification No. 162a5 dated 23rd October 2009 and the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Charter No. 02 of 2009 due to its inability to provide an efficient service in accordance with state laws and regulations which have been restructured for a long time. At the time of its establishment, all the assets and liabilities of the District Mechanical Factory were transferred to the Development Design and Machinery Authority. The Authority commenced its activities in the year 2011. Accordingly, The Head Office set up in Development Design and Machinery Authority, Paradise, Kuruwita.

Although our branch office was opened in May 2014 in Hettimulla area in Kegalle District, but the sub office is presently located in Kahagalla area. That is Development Design and Machinery Authority, Sub Office, Dewalegama Road, Kahagalle.

This Authority is currently performing a vast service as the Government Pioneer Contributing Institution for the Development of the Province. The Authority contributes to the creation of multiple infrastructure facilities in the province, including buildings and roads. From large scale projects in the province to small scale projects, even in low profit projects where other contractors do not come forward, this authority will provide its contribution (necessary technical assistance as well as development until completion) for development. Accordingly, this serious role will be continued to the further socialize with responsibility and high standards.

For the efficient operation of all Government Institutions in the Province, the Authority repairs, periodically services, maintains and Issuing quality certificates for all the machinery and equipment owned by the Provincial Council in accordance with the correct standards required.

The Authority was able to provide an effective service by minimizing expenses of the public sector in Sabaragamuwa Province by acquiring the profit which is earning by the limited number of people from the sale of tires and batteries while giving that benefit to the consumers.

At the same time, while giving a greater contribution to the field of education, the Printing Division of the Authority was able to carry out all the printing activities of all government institutions in the province in a high standard, expeditiously and in a confidential manner.

Getting the Support of the political and public sector of the Sabaragamuwa Province, with the blessings and guidance of the Hon. Minister of Sabaragamuwa Province, Under the guidance of the Hon. Governor, Sabaragamuwa Province, Chief Secretary, Secretary to the Chief Ministry and under the guidance of Hon. Chairman and the Board of Directors, the Authority operates in the areas of governance, finance, mechanics, development and printing.