Main Functions of the Authority

Planning, Implementing, advising or providing technical assistance regarding any design work included in any development program of the Sabaragamuwa Province / Provincial Council.

Provide technical advice on planning for development activities entrusted to the Authority for implementation, taking into account the special characteristics of the physical location, Requirement, and location, etc. of a particular development project.

When the Authority finds that an estimate prepared for a design work entrusted to the Authority for execution is underestimated or overestimated, such an estimate should be carefully modified, review, or Preparation of a new estimate.

Entering into insurance contracts to cover losses / damages / accidents / risks or debt liabilities to the Authority.

Entering into agreements with a private sector or organization to provide water, electricity, gas, fuel, machinery and other service facilities.

To recover the approved estimated amount for the work / service performed by the Authority and to collect the remaining amount without spending from the approved estimate as a profit earned.

Establishment of a fund to obtain cash for depreciation of assets, insurance premiums, debt settlement or for the benefit of functions of the Authority.

Granting of gratuities, grants, contributions or otherwise, in cash or otherwise, with the approval of the Minister, for the national state, educational, cultural, charitable, religious, purposes and institutions deemed appropriate by the Authority.

Accepting, endorsing or transacting checks, bank drafts, debentures, money orders or cash drafts.

Decision making on the composition of an advisory council to advise the Authority and to approve and implement the necessary procedures regarding the administration of the staff of the Authority.

Establish, purchase, another way Possession, improve and maintain all types of buildings, factories, lathes and other facilities.

Deciding on the purchase, long-term rent / lease / possession of property and materials such as machinery and equipment, vehicles and vehicle spare parts, etc. required for the purposes of the Authority and Deciding to dispose of those properties when it is no longer available.

Establishment of Industrial fairs for manufacturing materials for road development and other design works and rent or lease of land or premises for installation of quarrying machines.